GoldTracker – How You Can Quickly See if ANY Location in WA Has Potential for finding Gold Nuggets?

The facts about prospecting for Gold :

“Australian’s Economic Gold resource is just over 5,200 Tonnes. About 60% of Australia’s resources occur in WA” …..according to the ‘Australian Mines Atlas’ facts sheet.

The burning question:

How do you target gold resources in a million square miles of land?

Answer: “Gold Tracker”

GoldTracker – Now You Can Target Gold Potential Quickly –

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Prospecting for Gold – There is no substitute for experience!

My colleagues and I share one thing in common; “Researching and Identifying prospective gold areas”

Between us over the years we have held numerous Tenements and have successfully commercialised several along the way, which is the aim of most but realised by few.

Gold Tracker embraces the experience and expertise of all those involved in this extraordinary project, to help capture the elements of successfully targeting gold!


“How can I easily Target Potential Gold Localities with just a click of a mouse on a map in a million square miles of dirt?”

Answer: “Gold Tracker”

What Qualifies the GoldTracker Team to Answer this Question?

The Many Years of Gathered Data and Knowledge that is Included in Gold Tracker!

We have gathered massive quantities of data relating to:

  • Geological Structures of gold Deposits
  • Lithology
  • Geological Ages of gold Deposits
  • Geochemistry of gold
  • Economic Geology of gold
  • Aero-magnetic Anomalies
  • Local occurrences of gold

The problem was – “How to put all this information together to target and display locations with excellent potential for gold mineralisation with just the click of a mouse on a map?”

Applying technology to discover Gold!

We thought it would be easy to solve but it wasn’t!

Our team sweated over this problem for a couple of years.

That team included Mathematicians, Geologists, Geochemical Scientists and even the assistance of the computer scientists at the Department of Mines, Geological Surveys Division

The Solution!

The technological problems were eventually solved with the help of Advanced Computer Mathematics

Finally, with the help of a mathematical genius we have been able to amalgamate all of this data using Fuzzy Logic to calculate a score for the potential chances of finding gold at most locations in WA – simply – with the click of a mouse on the map.

Not only has this been extensively tested to ensure it is accurate but the ‘Gold Tracker’ software enables us to update data and re-calculate “On the Fly” as new information and data about gold prospecting becomes available – so the data will be continually updated.

Gold Tracker is Australian designed and  a unique gold prospecting technology.


How Gold Tracker Works to Show You the Potential of Finding Gold at any Point in WA

  1. You Mark a Point on the map of WA (Or enter GPS points)
  2. Select the required Search function and the software returns a score of the potential to find gold within an 850 metre radius the returned point, ranging from Poor to Exceptional potential
  3. Gold Tracker can also tell you the nearest place with the greatest possibility of finding gold within the search area if one is considered close enough.


Gold Tracker Would Have Saved us all a Fortune in Research Costs and Years of Research Time if we had it Years Ago

Access to this information would have saved time and money in targeting prospective gold localities by;

  • Instantly knowing how prospective a specific place is for gold mineralization.
  • Cutting down the huge research time and effort we had to undertake.
  • Reducing the learning curve to in finding good target locations.
  • Identifying areas that may not have been targeted but are potentially prospective gold bearing areas.
  • Identifying which blocks were the most prospective when applying for Section 20A/40E Permits.

Why are we Sharing Gold Tracker with Other Prospectors?

Team members now have diverse interests, mainly focussed on training and refining prospecting skills and technology.

The Project Director has finally called it a day to camping in the bush & pegging claims, he says those days are behind him and has many other business interests and he would like to spend more time with his family and did not want years of work and research to just disappear and not be of value.

Your Gold Tracker Options and Investment

You have 2 Different Gold Tracker Locality Search Options

Package1 (Fossicker) 8 x Standard Search 2 x Advanced Search Valid for 28 days $10

Package 2 (Prospector) 80 x Standard Search 20 x Advanced Search plus 1 x Alluvial hot spot info pack (released quarterly)Valid for 90 days $55


Important Notice:

If you intend visiting any target site, you must start by ascertaining and confirming your right of access and obligations when prospecting through the W.A. Department of Mines & Petroleum or any of the Departments Mining Registrars offices throughout West Australia or alternatively by using TENGRAPH® Online, GeoMap or other suitable program. In order to prospect safely and legally if the area is on an active Mining or Prospecting lease on crown land you require the lease holders written permission to access the ground, if the area is on an active Exploration tenement on crown land you can apply for a section 40E permit to access the ground. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are prospecting according to the law.