Who are the team behind GOLD Tracker?

Gold Tracker Pty Ltd (ACN 168541571), is an Australian on-line analytical and data management company, based in Albany Western Australia. The organization is committed to sharing extensive gold prospecting research knowledge which has been expertly compiled over a number of years and is now accessible online. ​​The ‘Gold Tracker’ team consists of a group of talented and committed individuals with a wealth of combined knowledge and expertise. The team is led by data analyst Ray Hammond, better known for his involvement with the exploration and analytical company ‘Vestiga’. Over the years Ray has worked with many prominent exploration geologists and geo-chemists.

In the process Ray and his team have gained a deeper understanding of the criteria essential for targeting gold deposits and have compiled an enormous amount of analytical data which has paved the way for the development of the ‘Gold Tracker’ system. Gold Tracker is a leading edge technology which has led to the creation of an accessible and easy to use search engine, designed to narrow the search for gold. ‘Gold Tracker’ has been specifically designed for the mobile Prospector searching for gold, ranging from alluvial to orogenic deposits. ‘Gold Tracker’ wishes to acknowledge the collaborative support and information provided by the W.A. Department of Mines and Petroleum, TSW Analytical, Primo Analytical Pty Ltd, Kurk Brandstater and Bill O’Connor who amongst many others have kindly provided invaluable assistance in the development of ‘Gold Tracker’ to whom we remain most indebted. Thank you!




Gold Tracker does not guarantee discovery, nobody can! We can however tell you where you are unlikely to discover gold. We can also tell you places and areas predisposed to gold mineralization. Use Gold Tracker to cut down the huge amount research time and effort you would normally have to undertake.

Gold Tracker Pty Ltd

ABN:51 168 541 571