The number of people who take up metal detecting each year is growing every year and many of them have little or no prospecting experience and don’t know much about how and where to find gold or where to look for gold in Western Australia. The obvious areas to start looking for gold are around known gold producing areas such as Kalgoorlie, Mount Magnet, Coolgardie, Menzies etc, however as you get further away from these known gold bearing areas it is harder to determine if the area you are looking at is suitable for metal detecting, or prospecting.

Lets face it for most prospectors there is a limited amount of time available to go prospecting.  So to get the most out of each gold prospecting season you want to make sure the area you are looking at is likely to be gold bearing or if there are any alluvial patches in the area. Likewise does the area 10Km up the road offer a better option for looking for gold?

This is where Gold Tracker comes into play when searching for gold.  The user can simply browse the map to a given area and mark a search point then perform a search of our database and the program will return a ranking  or rating score on the likelihood or prospectivity of the surrounding area for finding gold.

Gold Tracker is a user pay per search service so there are no lock in contracts or on going fees, you simply purchase a number of searches which are valid for a set period of time, and use them before the expiry date to look for the best areas to search for gold.

If you are looking for ways to find Gold in Western Australia then Gold Tracker may be what you need.

So what is Gold Tracker?

Gold Tracker is a web based application that accesses our proprietary database of information that provides a visible or numerical indication of the likelihood of finding Gold in any given location within WA.  Each Gold Tracker reference point provides an indication of the likelihood that you could find Gold in the  surrounding area for a radius of approximately 800m from the given point.

Gold Tracker is designed to be a research tool for prospectors and miners which can provide a indication of the chances of finding Gold in any given area.

Where to find gold and good areas to look for gold in WA.

Lets face it Western Australia is a rather large area of ground to cover, and everyone wants to be looking for gold in the right areas. so how do you find the best areas to go to look for gold?

Using Gold Tracker you can reduce the huge amount research time and effort you would normally undertake before going prospecting in a new area, as the search results will quickly provide you with an indication of the likelihood of finding gold in that general area. Gold Tracker does not guarantee discovery, nobody can! Although, we can tell you with some considerable certainty where you are unlikely to discover gold, moreover we can also tell you places and areas predisposed to gold mineralization, it’s really that simple! Just take your time and follow the instructions, they are easy to follow.


If you intend visiting any target site, you must start by ascertaining and confirming your right of access and obligations when prospecting through the W.A. Department of Mines & Petroleum or any of the Departments Mining Registrars offices throughout West Australia or alternatively by using TENGRAPH® Online, GeoMap or other suitable program.

In order to prospect safely and legally if the area is on an active Mining or Prospecting lease on crown land you require the lease holders written permission to access the ground, if the area is on an active Exploration tenement on crown land you can apply for a section 40E permit to access the ground.