Conducting a Search for Potential Gold Targets in Gold Tracker

Once you have zoomed into the area you want “Select Mark Search Point”  on the LHS Menu then move the Crosshair Ccursor back over the Map to the desired location then click on the Map  to drop the Black Marker Pin.

  • The cursor will mark your point with a marker.
  • Now click on Search Options “Perform Search” button and give the computer a couple of seconds to retrieve your data.
  • The program will now place a colour coded marker on the map at the nearest point to your mouse click that has data available, and the projected UTM Easting and Northings positional data as well as the numerical score will be displayed above the marker.
  • You can then either mark a new area of interest or conduct an Advanced search for the Next Highest score nearby.
  • On the search screen there is also a Search box to search by place name, and the option to toggle the Tenements On or Off. We are currently providing some of the more advanced features that will be available only to subscription users for a free trial period at the moment. These include the ability to view Tenements by Type and Status.

GoldTracker – Now You Can Target Gold Potential Quickly –

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The GoldTracker Gold Potential Scores are;

  • Poor (Blue Marker and Numerical Score 0 – 40) GT136
  • Marginal (Green Marker and Numerical Score 41 – 80)GT137
  • Moderate (Lime Marker and Numerical Score 81 – 120) GT138
  • Prospective (Gold Marker and Numerical Score 121 – 160) GT139
  • Highly prospective (Orange Marker and Numerical Score 161 – 200) GT141
  • Exceptional (Red Marker and Numerical Score 200 +) GT140

Any area that scores above 120 is worth examination! But Dont write off the moderate areas.

You now know how prospective that area of ground is.

You can now repeat these steps to enquire about other areas, or if in the same area simply click on the map at the next area of interest and perform another search. Your search results will remain on the map whilst you stay logged in or until you refresh the screen using F5.

TIP – Write down the GPS coordinates and scores for the points you have selected before you refresh the screen otherwise your information will be lost.

Conducting a search for a higher rating area.

Once you have conducted a search, you can use the “Advanced Search Next Highest” option to conduct a search from your last search point to find the next highest rating point near your search area. Gold Tracker will search, find and mark the point near your chosen marker that has the next highest rating. You can repeat search for the Next Highest Rating if you wish and the system will continue finding higher ratings until it there are no points near your original marker that have a higher rating. Each Initial Search will cost you one standard search and each Next Highest or Highest Nearby Search costs 1 Advanced Search credit.

Make Sure You Prospect Legally

However before you race out and start detecting on it you need to confirm that the ground is available. You can do this several ways and the most common and practical method will be to either use Tengraph,  GeoMap, or Geoviewer to enter the co-ordinates then check if the ground is available.

Here is a link to the Pamphlets Relating to Prospecting in WA

In order to prospect safely and legally if the area is on an active Mining or Prospecting lease on crown land you require the leaseholders written permission to access the ground.

If the area is on an active Exploration tenement on crown land you can apply for a section 40E permit to access the ground.

This page on the Gold Prospecting WA Site has some free videos and links how to apply for a Section 40E Permit

If the area is a pending lease or available crown land and you already have your Miners Right then you are free to go and detect on the area, remembering that you must meet your obligations under the mining act to notify the owner of the land eg the pastoralist.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are not prospecting within the law. Failure to do so carries heavy fines, if you are unsure contact the Department of Mines and Petroleum.