Built on a massive quantity of data

‘GOLD Tracker’ provides an instant overview of the prospecting potential of almost any area throughout Western Australia. Prospectivity assessments extend to a radius of approximately 850 metres of the selected target.

Data relating to specific gold targeting criteria, which has been gathered over a considerable period of time and condensed into four broad scoring criteria:

  • Structural geology: includes spatial distribution of faults, folds, intrusives, presence of metamorphic and altered zones, proximity to fault convergence anomalies, and any additional relevant structural information that researchers have found while preparing the data sets used.
  • Lithology: takes into account the presence, distribution and types of rocks and overburden present in the areas concerned.
  • Occurrences: the presence or absence of previously discovered gold occurrences.
  • Other: this is by far the most complex and includes active and ongoing research and data collection concerning geochemical data, the presence of alignments, known alluvial patches and much more.

Our team that developed the fuzzy logic algorthims (similar to that used in artificial computer neural networks and expert systems) used in this application consisted of Mathematicians, Geologists, Geochemical Scientists, and Computer Programmers together with the invaluable assistance provided by computer scientists from the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum, and the Geological Surveys of Western Australia.

The data is updated regularly, often daily and offered to you in a low cost pay-as-you-go system.

For those who have little idea of where to go and prospect, purchasers of our “Prospector Pack” also receive a list of alluvial hot spots or known occurrences. For high volume users a different target area is published each month.



The legal bits

If you intend visiting any target site, you must start by ascertaining and confirming your right of access and obligations when prospecting through the W.A. Department of Mines & Petroleum or any of the Departments Mining Registrars offices throughout West Australia or alternatively by using TENGRAPH® Online, GeoMap or other suitable program.

In order to prospect safely and legally if the area is on an active Mining or Prospecting lease on crown land you require the lease holders written permission to access the ground, if the area is on an active Exploration tenement on crown land you can apply for a section 40E permit to access the ground.