‘Gold Tracker’ is a new research tool for prospector’s that enables you to quickly validate almost any specific area in Western Australia in terms of prospectivity for gold.


  • Browsing the map manually dragging and zooming as required to the area of interest
  • Town or location name
  • Selecting a region from a drop down list (Coming Soon)
  • Entering GPS Co-ordinates

ZOOM to area of interest and CLICK on map to MARK Search Point on the map

Choose Perform Search to search the database.


  • Poor (Blue Marker and Numerical Score 0 – 40)GT136
  • Marginal (Green Marker and Numerical Score 41 – 80) GT137
  • Moderate (Lime Marker and Numerical Score 81 – 120) GT138
  • Prospective (Gold Marker and Numerical Score 121 – 160) GT139
  • Highly prospective (Orange Marker and Numerical Score 161 – 200) GT141
  • Exceptional (Red Marker and Numerical Score 200 +) GT140

Use Geomap, Google Earth or other Mapping Programs to PLOT the provided GPS Coordinates for an accurate location of the rated area.

Save Coordinates to your GPS to guide you to the area.

REPEAT selection or search method as required to Start a new search or have the system recommend you a nearby point with higher prospective score.



The legal bits

If you intend visiting any target site, you must start by ascertaining and confirming your right of access and obligations when prospecting through the W.A. Department of Mines & Petroleum or any of the Departments Mining Registrars offices throughout West Australia or alternatively by using TENGRAPH® Online, GeoMap or other suitable program.

In order to prospect safely and legally if the area is on an active Mining or Prospecting lease on crown land you require the lease holders written permission to access the ground, if the area is on an active Exploration tenement on crown land you can apply for a section 40E permit to access the ground.