How Do I Reset My Password

Here's How To reset your Gold Tracker Password.

On the Gold Tracker Home Page Select "Account & Support"

Then select "My Account" from the drop down Menu


When the screen following screen opens select the Lost your Password link just under the Login Button.

This will open the Lost Password screen

Type your email into the Username or email field

Click on the Reset Password Link

The screen will then dispaly the a message that says "Check your email for the confirmation link."

Check your emails for an email with the heading "Password reset for Gold Tracker"

When you open your email Click on the Password Reset Link in the Passord Reset Instructions.

This should open your Browser window in the My Account pages with two boxes for your new password.

Then all you need to do is enter your new password into each box.

Then Press Save


If successful you should get the following page


Now all you need to do is click on the log in link.




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