Gold Tracker Update No 2


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Gold Tracker Update No 2
User Feedback Improves Gold Tracker
This is a courtesy email from the Gold Tracker team to inform you of some changes that have been introduced into Gold Tracker. Some of these changes are as a direct result of user feedback and suggestions, so if you have a question or an suggestion please send them through via the web page contact form.Whats Been Happening at Gold Tracker!

User feedback and Questions:

  • Zone 50K pins are not appearing on the map after seach:
    • Fixed
  • Why does the marker pin appear away from the coordinates that I have entered?
    • The returned Marker Pin is the nearest data point on file for your entered position or marked point.
  • Why can’t I search for the highest area near my own coordinates?
    • This has been noted for future releases.
  • There appears to be an error in the location of the returned marker pin postion when plotted on google earth, or other mapping programs.
    • This is a bug and it is being worked on but the supplied coordinates are accurate..
  • Can Gold Tracker save my searches for me to download as a file.
    • Currently there is no mechanisim to save your searches for download.  This will be considered at a later date, however we are also consious that some users do not want their search data being saved.
  • One user has provided a written report on the program which is available at the following link.  Accuracy of Coordinates


Changes and Updates:

  • The Zone 50K problem was a technical issue that took some time to resolve so in the interim we provided the information via a popup alert window.
    • This issue has now been resolved and Zone 50K marker pins are now working correctly.
  • The issue of marker pins being dropped away from the users coordinates has been resolved.
    • When entering coordinates to manually search a point the program now drops a black pin to mark the coordinates you have entered and also drops a coloured pin at the nearest data point.
  • Searching for higher ranking areas near your own coordinates:
    • This is currently being looked at by the developer and will be made available in a future release
  • The error in the location of the marker pins was due to rounding errors in the program when converting our stored Eastings and Northings to Latitude and Longitude for the mapping program.
    • There is currently a patch installed to bring these within about 50m of the actual location. The developers are working on the conversion program and once the rounding error is completely resolved the marker pins will be even more accurate
  •  The Eastings and Northings Data provided with each marker pin pop up window is accurate, as this is extracted directly from our stored data.

Other News:

In case you missed the last newsletter from Bill & Udo at Gold Prospecting WA they will be advertising their courses for 2015 shortly.

For those users who use the GeoMap software from DMP; be aware that in the latest version available for download the Pan To function doesn’t have the on screen marker of where the map has panned to. DMP staff are aware of this and are working on resolving the problem.

If you missed our first Newsletter you can read it here.



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