Gold Tracker Update # 3 – Gold Tracker WA Tenements Function


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Gold Tracker Update # 3
Gold Tracker WA Tenements Function
This is a courtesy email from the Gold Tracker team to inform you of some changes that have been introduced into Gold Tracker. If you have a question or a suggestion please send them through via the web page contact form.Whats Been Happening at Gold Tracker!


Changes and Updates:

  • Tenements Overlay:- This has been a massive update which will add significant functionality to the Gold Tracker web interface,
    • Stage one – Adding Tenements to the Gold Tracker Search map is now operational for users who have search credits available, with the ability to view Tenements across the state on the Map simply by using the Tenements Toggle button.
    • The Tenements button will be enabled once you have logged into the search page if you have search credits remaining.
  • Stage two of our Tenements function is set to provide users the ability to identify Tenements as Active or Pending, and also by Tenement type eg Exploration, Mining or Prospecting. We will advise when stage 2 is available.
  • Currently the Tenement file is a manually updated file that will normally be updated each Monday, once stage 2 is completed we hope to automate the updating of the Tenements file.


Common User feedback and Questions:

  • Do my Credits Expire?
    • In short YES, As per the list below:
      • Fossicker Credits – 30 Days from Purchase
      • Prospector Credits – 90 Days from Purchase
      • APLA Credits – 120 Days from Purchase
    • If you purchase additional credits prior to your current credits expiring, the credits are rolled over and added to your new purchase with a new expiry date. (better than most Telcos)
  • Why does the marker pin appear away from the coordinates that I have entered?
    • The returned Marker Pin is the nearest data point on file for your entered position or marked point.
  • Why can’t I search for the highest area near my own coordinates?
    • This has been noted for future releases.
  • Can Gold Tracker save my searches for me to download as a file.
    • Currently there is no mechanism to save your searches for download.  This will be considered at a later date, however we are also conscious that some users do not want their search data being saved.
  • How can I convert from UTM to Lat/Long DMS?   You can convert from UTM and DMS using several methods, the more common ones are:
  • We have added several new pages of information to the Gold Tracker site including:

Other News:

For those users who use the GeoMap software from DMP; be aware that in the latest version available for download, the Pan To function doesn’t have the on screen marker of where the map has panned to. DMP staff are aware of this and are working on resolving the problem.



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If you have purchased the Prospector or APLA Packs in the last 3 months we have emailed the latest Hot Spots report out today as well.


If you need help resetting your password please check out the password help pages at


If you are having any problems using the Gold Tracker site or contacting us through the website please email us directly at



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